My compilation of views from Michael B Rush:

My work, in progress (last update 27 Jan 2023), based on: His Books, A-Remnant-Shall-Return (the-second-coming-of-Jesus) Daniel 11, Revelation (The vision of John the divine), Delight in Plainness (Nephi & Isaiah),  youtube videos, direct replies to emailed  questions I has asked Him and His web page (thelost10tribes).  I continue to read and update this work as time permits

At this point in my studies I have come to refer to Michael’s views of the latter-days as ET (Extra Terrestrial) vision.  In His books He states that at first glance/take people will view what He puts forth as crazy….  I recommend you take some serious time to study, ponder and pray over what He presents.

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< events/sequence >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Seven Seals will repeat with the Day of the Lord: (Rev Book: Page 107)

1.     Watchers will return to the earth.

2.     Earth filled with violence (by the hands of the watchers).

3.     Israel will be brought into captivity.

4.     Holy land will be grounds zero for the last days.

5.     Saints persecuted/killed for their testimonies.

From Daniel 11 book (D11):

Not sure where Michael has this next event coming, timing wise, but it will need to happen prior to the Eagle events where the stout Horn takes out the Eagle heads… Stout Horn arrives on a star like object (Ships of chittim) Wormwood/Watchers .

Also: …email From:
Monday, January 9, 2023 8:42am
I believe the Stout Horn and Wormwood are one and the same, and yes, I think he will be a watcher. 

King of the North and south Represent more than empires, they come to represent ideological and philosophical differences. North = Western civilizations, South Islam.

Daniel’s king of the North is the 1st eagle head (One of three making up the Secret Combinations) which takes over the United States government at the end of Biden’s office. D11 page 42-43 “…will eliminate the presidential line of succession..” via “..continuity of Governance Program..” (the 2nd short feather on the left of the eagle has a term shorter than the 1st short feather, Trump, so it needs to end prior to Jan 2024)

Dan 7:7, Rev 17:12-14  ten horns (Not ruling now 12/1/22) …. 3 of which are the eagle heads.  The larger (main or center head) rules first taking a tyrannical roll in all the world setting up the One world government that the Anti-Christ uses during His reign.  “…will attack the Middle East with more force and power than any other ruler before…”  Dan 11:15-16. D11 page 58-59 suggest that Daniel 11:17 is talking about a Jeffery Epstein type move to gain leverage over the Anti-Christ (Stout Horn).  “…this action…will prove to be their downfall…”   D11 page 78 The Abomination of Desolation: will take place in LDS temples and the taking away of daily sacrifice will be “… sacrament meetings and weekly church attendance…”

The 1st dies in bed (in pain: poisoned???) and the 2nd Head takes over and retreats to the US (D11: Daniel 11:19)and is soon killed (By the sword)  by the 3rd head (who also dies by the sword (D11 “..killed only days after taking office…”)).

Dan 11:20 the raiser of Taxes is the third eagle head. All three eagle heads are plucked out buy the Anti-Christ (So He will be active during all three and it is assumed all three will reign for a short time) D11 Daniel 11:21-22 is talking about the Anit-Christ taking over control replacing the Eagle heads. 


Abomination of Desolation : This is done in LDS temple(s), not the rebuilt Jerusalem temple, and the “..take away the daily sacrifice,..” is relating to no longer allowing church attendance

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< Ezra Eagle>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Ezra Eagle:  45 years from mid vision (Nixon) to end of the vision timeline (1974+ 45= 2019).

Eight total short feathers (not normal terms) 2 before (JFK, Nixon) Six short feathers  (right side of eagle) to come (two move under the right head of the eagle, 2 Esdras 11:Vs.24)

Four Short feathers: current period: Trump, Biden. Harris?, Speaker of the House?  : Last two will be taken out same time as the end to Biden?  And that will end the Rule of the US by election process….  The Eagle heads take over….(start of the Iron and Clay kingdom?.  # heads are the three horns of Daniel that lead to the Anit-Christ)

2 Esdras 11

Vs 27: Biden’s term will be shorter than Trump…

Vs 29:  When the last two are set (assume) to serve the Middle Head awakens (then the other two also awake)

Vs 31 heads eat up the last two feathers… and the heads take over the US. (seen by Daniel: 7:20 ( 3 horns of the ten),  )

Vs 33 Middle head ends (dies in His bed)

Vs 34 Other two rule. (then die by the craft of the stout horn/war)

Vs 35 right head eats the left. (and the final head ends and the two feathers that went under the head rule?) (Constitution hangs by a thread then saved first here???)

Vs 37 roaring lion (Lion of Jacob/lost ten tribes ,D&C 101:55-58, Mormon 5:24, Isaiah 13:1-9) con tends with the 4th beast…



Three heads of Ezra’s Eagle  (forerunner mouth to Anti-Christ (Stout Horn) who takes out the final head… Daniel 7:20)

20 feathers (presidents) starting with Herbert Hoover ( The one who set up the great whore of Babylon: Secret Combination: CFR)

2 Esdras 12: 11..   The 4th beast seen by Daniel is the eagle kingdom.



<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< latter-day Servant figures >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sons of Light:

MARRED SERVANT :   Joseph smith is the marred servant…(chapt 18)

<<<  Isaiah 11  >>>>

Rod: A servant with Much Power:  Captain Moroni like individual, from returned lost 10 tribes, leading the Army

Stem: Jesus Christ

Branch: Rebuilder of the Jerusalem Temple. Davidic King (“…Not sure if He comes with the lost 10 or prior..”)

Root: John The revelator


Lion of Jacob:

a powerful force to rebuff this wickedness that will come to our rescue from the north (D&C 133:26-35)

The returning 10 tribes will redeem America from the antichrist and restore the US constitution law…

10 tribes reside on an Enoch like separated location from the earth, and will returning out of the north to the people of Ephraim, to the  everlasting hills

Email from Michael…By the time the antichrist moves on Israel, the Remnant of Jacob will have decimated his forces, wiping out more than 80% of his army. This is what is meant by the beginning of the Gog and Magog vision in Ezekiel 39:2 and Daniel 11:29-30



On 2022-11-18 07:00, wrote:

Question came up listening to Chapter 11 (a-remnant-shall-return).  With this great Lion of Jacob Army liberating America, why don't they assist in the Gog/Magog war in Israel?


City of Enoch will return at the same time of the lost 10 tribes (Chpt 18 a-remnant-shall-return)

City of Enoch will also include the people of Melchizedek (Chpt 31 a-remnant-shall-return)


144,000 not coming from our ranks. Resurrected beings, already called,  that will return to the earth. (Rev Book: Page 111-114)


<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< latter-day Evil figures >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

Sons of Darkness:

3 of the 10 horns of the beast (Eagle heads) are removed by the little/stout horn (Antichrist) and will rise to power in America and make war with the saints.  The Lion (10 tribes/GMW) will drive Him out of America, returning from the end of heaven..

Gods…”…the mysterious entity “they” that will come in the days following Ezra’s Eagle…”

“…they will rise to power by mingling among the “seed of men”, but not cleaving to them…the gods and men that are combined together to fight against the House of Israel in the last days..”


Watchers/Wormwood  (Rev Book: Page 130-141)

Antichrist=  the mouth by John, Assyrian by Isaiah

Will set Himself up in LDS temples as God…(Chapt 34 a-remnant-shall-return)



<<<<<<<Latter-Day preparations:>>>>>>>>>>

All (Homes,food etc) will be taken from the saints: (Chapt 34 a-remnant-shall-return)

“….Guns, silver, food storage—for any of these to benefit you, they need to remain in your possession. When such a day comes, will you choose Christ in the face of certain death or poverty? Those will be bleak days to be sure. If we cannot take with us our possessions, it stands to reason that we will be hard pressed to provide for our families and ourselves, and herein is the whole point of the matter. In those days, we will not be able to provide for ourselves, we must rely wholly upon the Lord for our existence, just as the children of Israel did anciently as they wandered in desolate deserts.

God assures us that He will deliver us, and guide us through those troubled days, but our faith must remain strong. How difficult will it be for you to remain faithful when your children are starving? When the only thing keeping you from food, clothing and shelter is your faith in Jesus Christ. Deny the Christ and prosper, follow Him and become destitute. The prospects are truly sobering.…”

“… These days of trial are not some inconvenient catastrophe that befalls the Saints in the last days. It is an orchestrated event that has been known by the Lord from the beginning. Its purpose is to purge the earth in preparation of the millennial reign of Jesus Christ upon the earth. We know from the mini-millennial period that occurred in ancient America after the administration of Jesus Christ, that every individual that makes it through the trials of that day will be exalted, not a soul will be lost.  This is the reason for the incredible purge that will take place. Only those whose faith in the Son of God is unshakable will abide that day. The reward is too great for those whose faith is insufficient to merit such a rich reward….”

<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<< gathering /return restored>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>

House of Joseph: Ephraim (to include Righteous Gentiles)  and Manasseh

Jews: also scattered in the world but kept their identity

10 tribes: Remnant of Jacob, one body to the north countries

Scattered Israel: scattered into the world not one body.

Gentile:  Non- Jewish, righteous and wicked…