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Chapter 33
Kingdoms of Glory and Perdition

"After the Lord and the righteous who are caught up to meet him have descended
upon the earth, there will come to pass another resurrection. This may be
considered as a part of the first, although it comes later. In this resurrection
will come forth those of the terrestrial order, who were not worthy to be caught
up to meet him
, but who are worthy to come forth to enjoy the millennial reign"
(Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, 2:296).

Transfiguration of the earth (which brings the new earth) : D&C 63:20-21
D&C 63:20–21, 49–51. The Transfiguration of the Earth
"The earth will pass through two changes which might be called transfigurations:
"1. At the beginning of the Millennium, it will be raised from its present
telestial to a terrestrial state, and only the righteous will have a place on
earth at that time.
"2. After the thousand years are ended, the earth will be celestialized and the
faithful who are worthy of that glory will receive their permanent inheritance
thereon." (Cowan, Doctrine and Covenants, p. 101; see also D&C 77; 88:17–20,
25–26; 101: 24–25; 130:4–11.)

Doctrine and Covenants 63: 20-21 says that "he that endureth in faith and doeth
my will, the same shall overcome, and shall receive an inheritance upon the
earth when the day of transfiguration will come; When the earth shall be
transfigured, even according to the pattern which was shown to my apostles upon
the mount; of which account of fullness ye have not yet received." The new earth
that John saw in Revelations 21:1 is one that's been transfigured to a Millennial
or paradisaical state. After the Millennium, Mormons believe the earth will
again be transfigured, this time to a Celestial state. This transfiguration is
similar to what will happen to the faithful. It is also not a vision.


Telestial beings on the earth during the millennium
“….the earth will be cleansed of all its corruption and wickedness. Those who have lived virtuous lives, who have been honest in their dealings with their fellow man and have endeavored to do good to the best of their understanding, shall remain. …
…..Therefore, the honest and upright of all nations, kindreds, and beliefs, who have kept the terrestrial or celestial law,
will remain....”  (President Joseph Fielding Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, 3:62-63 )  This "will remain" concept needs clarification:.  From my studies Joseph Fielding Smith is the only one that has reference to people remaining on earth after the cleansing by fire (not caught up in the rapture)  but He includes those of the Celestial who will be raptured in the same statement. He also stated ..  those of the terrestrial order, who were not worthy to be caught  up to meet him, but who are worthy to come forth to enjoy the millennial reign" (Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, 2:296). This is a puzzling (Adam God) topic for me. By remain does He simply mean those that will partificate in the millenium?   Or does He mean that will escape the cleansing fire and reamin in a telestail state? (Those who will be raptured are transfigured into a terrestrail state) ??????
2 Peter 3:10
10 But the aday of the Lord will bcome as a thief in the night; in the which the heavens shall cpass away with a great noise, and the delements shall melt with fervent heat, the eearth also an, d the works that are therein shall be burned up.
Zeph. 3:8
8 ¶ Therefore wait ye upon me, saith the Lord, until the day that I rise up to the prey: for my determination is togather the nations, that I may assemble the kingdoms, to pour upon them mine indignation, even all my fierce anger: for all the earth shall be devoured with the fire of my jealousy.
Morm. 9:2
2 Behold, will ye believe in the day of your visitation—behold, when the Lord shall come, yea, even that great daywhen the earth shall be rolled together as a scroll, and the elements shall meltwith fervent heat, yea, in that great day when ye shall be brought to stand before the Lamb of God—then will ye say that there is no God?
D&C 29:23
23 And the end shall come, and the heaven and the earth shall be consumed and pass away, and there shall be a new heaven and a new earth.
Moses 7:21. Translation
Those people who were taken up into heaven without tasting death were translated. President Joseph Fielding Smith explained: “Translated beings are still mortal and will have to pass through the experience of death, or the separation of the spirit and the body, although this will be instantaneous, for the people of the City of Enoch, Elijah, and others who received this great blessing in ancient times, before the coming of our Lord, could not have received the resurrection, or the change from mortality to immortality, because our Lord had not [yet] paid the debt which frees us from mortality and grants to us the resurrection” (Answers toGospel Questions, 1:165).
The Prophet Joseph Smith said: “Many have supposed that the doctrine of translation was a doctrine whereby men were taken immediately into the presence of God, and into an eternal fullness, but this is a mistaken idea. Their place of habitation is that of the terrestrial order, and a place prepared for such characters He held in reserve to be ministering angels unto many planets, and who as yet have not entered into so great a fullness as those who are resurrected from the dead” (Teachingsof the Prophet Joseph Smith, 170).
Moses 7:27. Many Were Caught Up into Heaven
The righteous people described in Moses 7:27 were translated and “caught up” to join those in the city of Zion. Elder Bruce R. McConkie wrote: “After those in the City of Holiness were translated and taken up into heaven without tasting death, so that Zion as a people and a congregation had fled from the battle-scarred surface of the earth, the Lord sought others among men who would serve him. From the days of Enoch to the flood, new converts and true believers, except those needed to carry out the Lord’s purposes among mortals, were translated” (The Millennial Messiah, 284).
Moses 7:48. The Earth Spoke
Elder Joseph Fielding Smith, then a member of the Quorum of the Twelve Apostles, wrote: “The Lord here [in Doctrine and Covenants 88] informs us that the earth on which we dwell is a living thing, and that the time must come when it will be sanctified from all unrighteousness. In the Pearl of Great Price, when Enoch is conversing with the Lord, he hears the earth crying for deliverance from the iniquity upon her face. … It is not the fault of the earth that wickedness prevails upon her face, for she has been true to the law which she received and that law is the celestial law. Therefore the Lord says that the earth shall be sanctified from all unrighteousness” (Church History and Modern Revelation,2 vols. [1953], 1:366–67).
Moses 7:58–69
Enoch Saw the Day When the Earth Would Rest
Moses 7:58. “When Shall the Earth Rest?”
Enoch heard the earth asking when it could rest and be cleansed from the wickedness of its children (see Moses 7:48). Enoch then saw that the earth would not rest in the days of Noah nor in the days of Jesus Christ’s mortal ministry. The time when the earth would finally rest would be at Christ’s Second Coming (see D&C 133:46–52; Articles of Faith 1:10).
Moses 7:63. Two Zions Will Meet
Concerning this meeting of the two Zions, President John Taylor said: “When the time comes that these calamities we read of, shall overtake the earth, those that are prepared will have the power of translation, as they had in former times, and the city will be translated. And Zion that is on the earth will rise, and the Zion above will descend, as we are told, and we will meet and fall on each other’s necks and embrace and kiss each other. And thus the purposes of God to a certain extent will then be fulfilled” (in Journal of Discourses,21:253).
Moses 7:64–65. The Millennium
During the Millennium the earth will not be a celestial world. It will be in a terrestrial, or paradisiacal, condition, cleansed from wickedness. As the Millennium is ushered in, there will still be people of various religious beliefs residing on the earth. President Joseph Fielding Smith wrote:
“When the reign of Jesus Christ comes during the millennium, only those who have lived the telestial law will be removed. It is recorded in the Bible and other standard works of the Church that the earth will be cleansed of all its corruption and wickedness. Those who have lived virtuous lives, who have been honest in their dealings with their fellow man and have endeavored to do good to the best of their understanding, shall remain. …
“The gospel will be taught far more intensely and with greater power during the millennium until all the inhabitants of the earth shall embrace it. Satan shall be bound so that he cannot tempt any man. Should any man refuse to repent and accept the gospel under those conditions then he would be accursed. Through the revelations given to the prophets we learn that during the reign of Jesus Christ for a thousand years, eventually all people will embrace the truth.” (Answers toGospel Questions, 1:108, 110–11; for more on the Millennium, see Isaiah 11:5–9; 65:17–25; D&C 101:26–34).
The earth will be renewed for the millennial day.
The earth will be transfigured and receive its paradisiacal glory (see D&C 63:20–21; Articles of Faith 1:10; Isaiah 65:17; 2 Peter 3:10–14).
The earth will rest for a thousand years from the wickedness that has been upon it (see Moses 7:47–49, 64–65; Isaiah 14:7).
“When the reign of Jesus Christ comes during the millennium, only those who have lived the telestial law will be removed. The earth will be cleansed of all its corruption and wickedness. Those who have lived virtuous lives, who have been honest in their dealings with their fellow man and have endeavored to do good to the best of their understanding, shall remain” (Joseph Fielding Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, 3:62).
“When Christ comes the saints who are on the earth will be quickened and caught up to meet him. This does not mean that those who are living in mortality at that time will be changed and pass through the resurrection, for mortals must remain on the earth until after the thousand years are ended. A change, nevertheless, will come over all who remain on the earth; they will be quickened so that they will not be subject unto death until they are old. ,,,
“Some members of the Church have an erroneous idea that when the millennium comes all of the people are going to be swept off the earth except righteous members of the Church. That is not so. There will be millions of people, Catholics, Protestants, agnostics, Mohammedans, people of all classes, and of all beliefs, still permitted to remain upon the face of the earth, but they will be those who have lived clean lives, those who have been free from wickedness and corruption. All who belong, by virtue of their good lives, to the terrestrial order, as well as those who have kept the celestial law, will remain upon the face of the earth during the millennium……(Smith, Doctrines of Salvation, 1:86–87)

Doctrines of Salvation Volume 1-3 - Joseph Fielding Smith
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I'm still a little confused.  The wicked will be burned (Telestial and outer darkness people) and the Rapture is for those who qualify as Members of the Church of the Firstborn (celestial)   not sure where that leaves the living that qualify for the terrestrial world... ????
We know the terrestrial dead won't come forth in the morning of the first resurrection but the afternoon so they wont be at the beginning of the Millennium so where does that leave the terrestrial living. ????  If he covered that I missed it.
….  Several others in google search…
“......Following this great event, and after the Lord and the righteous who are caught up to meet him have descended upon the earth, there will come to pass another resurrection. This may be considered as a part of the first, although it comes later. In this resurrection will come forth those of the terrestrial order, who were not worthy to be caught up to meet him, but who are worthy to come forth to enjoy the millennial reign” (Doctrines of Salvation, comp. Bruce R. McConkie, 3 vols. [1954–56], 2:295–97).
Earth, Cleansing of
2 Nep 23:9 Behold, the day of the Lord cometh, cruel both with wrath and fierce anger, to lay the land desolate; and he shall adestroy the sinners thereof out of it.
Isaiah 24:6 Therefore hath the acurse devoured the earth, and they that dwell therein are desolate: therefore the binhabitantsof the earth are cburned, and dfew men left.
earth is burned at his presence, Nahum 1:5.
like a refiner’s fire, and like fullers’ soap, Mal. 3:2 (3 Ne. 24:2; D&C 128:24).
day cometh, that shall burn as an oven, Mal. 4:1 (3 Ne. 25:1; D&C 133:64; JS—H 1:37).
as it was in the days of Noe, so shall it be, Luke 17:26.
bringing in the flood upon the world of the ungodly, 2 Pet. 2:5.
reserved unto fire against the day of judgment, 2 Pet. 3:7.
day cometh that they must be burned, 1 Ne. 22:15.
the wicked will he destroy, 2 Ne. 30:10.
visited with utter destruction … by famine, and by pestilence, and the sword, Alma 10:22.
waters of Noah should no more go over the earth, 3 Ne. 22:9.
elements should melt with fervent heat, 3 Ne. 26:3.
be as stubble; and I will burn them up, D&C 29:9.
watched for iniquity shall be … cast into the fire, D&C 45:50.
consume the wicked with unquenchable fire, D&C 63:34.
after today cometh the burning, D&C 64:24.
That great church … is ready to be burned, D&C 88:94.
presence of the Lord shall be as the melting fire that burneth, D&C 133:41.
When shall I rest, and be cleansed from the filthiness, Moses 7:48.
earth might never more be covered by the floods, Moses 7:50.
destroy man whom I have created, Moses 8:26.
in the last days … one shall be taken, and the other left, JS—M 1:44.
We believe … that the earth will be renewed, A of F 1:10.
See also 1 Pet. 3:20.
the parable of the wheat and the tares Matthew 13:24–30, 36–43
30 Let both grow together until the harvest: and in the time of harvest I will say to the reapers, Gather ye together first the tares, and bind them in bundles to burn them: but gather the wheat into my barn.

D&C 38:12 Which causeth silence to reign, and all eternity is pained, and the angels are waiting the great command to reap down the earth, to gather the tares that they may be burned; and, behold, the enemy is combined.

the vineyard will be burned  Jacob 5:77 And when the time cometh that evil fruit shall again come into my vineyard, then will I cause the good and the bad to be gathered; and the good will I preserve unto myself, and the bad will I cast away into its own place. And then cometh the season and the end; and my vineyard will I cause to be burned with fire.  
Jacob 6:3 And how blessed are they who have labored diligently in his vineyard; and how cursed are they who shall be cast out into their own place! And the world shall be burned with fire.
All that is corruptible will be consumed and destroyed by the brightness of His presence (see D&C 5:19; 101:24–25).

“…And every acorruptible thing, ….. that dwells upon all the face of the earth, shall be bconsumed;…”






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