My thoughts (Clint: updated 2/12/23) on the Last Days Chronology:

This is the section that is set aside to deal with my view of the events.

This portion of the work will be broken down into three sections.  The first dealing with where I am coming from (Let me tell you where I sit before I tell you where I stand). The second section will be a high level look at the last-days prophecy.  The last section will be a review of the prophecy events list. I tried to keep my own comments out of the events section, in an attempt to keep that section clean from my bias.  I didn't succeed, my own comments did make it into the events section. This is due to the fact that some of the events are ripe with speculation and debate and in that case I tried to present both sides of the event to allow for a full exploration of all possible mosaics for analysis.  Too often many have dismissed the application of events due to pre-formed opinions thus missing potential solutions.

Prior to moving into my own analysis of the events, let me take some time to explain where I'm coming from.  As I stated in the introduction this topic has been of interest to me for as long as I can remember.  The family would often speculate on last days scenarios and topics. I recall often talking about the leaves on the trees and how that would be a sign. This became an understanding of the weather patterns would change and summer would become winter and winter summer. Excited speculation would then attend any summer snow storm or warm winter stint.  This experience has lead to my desire that all prophecies be properly referenced to scripture and fully defined when required.  I still can't find the prophecy about winter becoming summer and summer winter.  I think the prophecy concerning the signs of the times being like leaves sprouting on trees as an indication of approaching summer, as will the signs of the last days indicate the immanent return of Christ, is the foundation for the above possible misunderstanding.  The white horse prophecies are other examples of the type of things that need proper documentation and references prior to their inclusion into the events section.

My work has been influenced, since the mid 90's, by Avraham Gileadi's work. I came upon Gileadi's work during a study period in which I was focused on the book of Isaiah.  On one of my trips through the Book of Mormon 3 Neph 23:1-4 caught my attention at a higher level than before.  This coupled with the use of Isaiah by Nephi, during portions of his writing when He was commanded to stop writing concerning our time in plain language, lead me to a stronger desire to understand Isaiah.  With this new inspiration I purchased several books that assisted in this effort, one of which was Gileadi's. I am impressed with the insight that Gileadi brings to the topic of Isaiah and last days prophecies.  I encourage all to look into Gileadi's background and his writing's.  I believe they add great understanding to the study of latter-day prophecy. Gileadi enhanced my understanding of the House of Israel and (we) the Gentiles in the latter-day work.  I will try to point out the Gileadi influence on each event during my review of the list in this section.

I started looking into the study of precession of the equinox in 1999.  I was introduced to this by a web page produced by Andrew Raymond.  I ended up purchasing His book "Secret of the Sphinx" to better understand the concept, but found his conclusion silly. However I do think the basic concept of using this known fact to assist with determining timing is useful.  I realize no one knows the time nor the hour of Christ return but we can know the season.  That is why all the prophecies have been given, and according to Abraham (3:10) the stars also can provide a reference for time.  I was introduced to another book, The Celestial Clock, Dr. William A. Gaspar, 1999, by a close friend in June of 2004.  

 Dr. Gaspar presents a chapter dealing with Revelations. In the chapter He looks at the theory that some of the key players throughout Revelations are in fact celestial constellations.  According to Dr. Gaspar the application or proper alignment of these constellations will take place in April in the years through 2012.  Other possible matches are the US solar Eclipses of Aug, 21 2017 and the complimentary X mark from the April 8 2024.

 (Farrell Pickering timeline: ) which starts His 7 year period in America vs the 7 year Daniel period in Israel staring 3.5 years latter.... The Pickering analysis is based not on celestial constellations but tied directly to the appointed times of Israel (Moedim) A major rework of the web site was started on 2/11/23, Based on their book Understanding Daniel’s Timeline (Prophecy Unsealed). Time will tell with this rework.  The clock is running out for the accuracy of this to be made clear…

If these dates prove out we then may have a reference to time that Abraham (3:10) is talking about.

 A word of caution:  To preclude anyone labeling me as a new ager here, let me state that I don’t buy into the new age slant of the book, in fact I can see a real possibility that this overall work could fit very nicely into the work of the Anti-Christ. Like, there is nothing new in the world all things are as they have always been.  We are simply now understanding that which was known of old that the world follows a cycle and nothing is attributed to God.  Only fools look to God to explain that which they didn’t know.  Now that we have the true light of this new understanding (The cyclical nature of the world and planetary alignments and the affect it has on man kind). We can now move away from the foolish traditions of our fathers.  I do however see something in the celestial constellations and how they might fit into latter-day prophecies.

Another recent influence has come from Michael B Rush and His work on Ezra’s eagle. We will soon see if His interpretation of Ezra (2 Esdras 11 and 12) is accurate or not with the Biden administration’s 2020 term (needs to end prior to a full first term in 1/2025). Time will surely tell on this one

This section will provide a high level view of the last days prophecies.  This view is broken down into three sections.  This breakdown is also mirrored in the events list. We will look at the Restoration, polarization and cleansing phases of this work.

The Restoartion Phase:
The Restoration phase (or preparatory phase) is winding up.   The dispensation of the fullness of times was ushered in with the restoration of the full gospel of Jesus Christ, through the Prophet Joseph Smith.  The first three Key events, in the events section of this work, have been completed.  A remnant of the House of Israel, the house of Ephraim, has gathered and are preparing for the Second Coming of Christ.  The portion of the Great and Marvelous Work which will cause the world to reference the Lord as the one who restored the House of Israel ( instead of the one who brought up the children of Israel out of the land of Egypt: Jeremiah 16:14-15) is yet to unfold.  The keys for this phase of the Great and Marvelous Work are on the earth held by the Prophet of the Church and have been used in gathering in the remnant to start the work, but the complete fulfillment is yet to be.  The gathering of the House of Israel is what Nephi saw and was commanded not to reveal.  The book of Isaiah is centered around this work, that is why Nephi quoted Isaiah to let us know about the work. I see the last days events in three phases:  The Preparatory phase, the time of the gentiles, which we are now in;  The Polarizing phase, which comes after the time of the gentiles is completed and will be centered around the gathering portion of the Great and Marvelous Work.;  And the cleansing Day of the Lord phase, when the Lord preaches his own sermon.

I believe that the preparatory phase, that we are now winding up, is a type for the polarization phase that will soon come.  Look to church history for a basic overview of what will take place. The restoration of  many new great truths, persecution from the world in general and the mother of abominations specifically, the gathering in of the Believing House of Israel, a new wandering and  the establishment of Zion, in Jackson county, MO,  for the house of Ephraim and Manasseh. (followed by the building up of the old Jerusalem for the rest of the house of Israel by those believing in Christ as their Messiah.)

The Polarizing Phase:
It will begin with the Saints. D&C 112:25 "And upon my house shall it begin, and from my house shall it go forth, saith the Lord" One possible take, and my first impression: the complete Gospel will be given to the Saints, the Sealed portion of the Book of Mormon and other hidden scriptures brought forth.

This will cause a great polarization for all the world and it will begin with the Saints, some accepting the revealed words and others rejecting it. For the most part the gentiles will reject the Word and the house of Israel will accept it. It will be a great blessing for the Israelites who accept the Word. This will cause the Lamanites to blossom as a rose.

Another possible fulfillment of "upon my house" :

Dr. W. Cleon Skousen relates a vision attributed to Patriarch Charles D. Evans
of Springville,
Utah, that was printed in the August, 1894 edition of an
unofficial LDS magazine, The Contributor, Volume 15, Number 10, pages 638-641.
The following is a quote from that publication, as included by Dr. Skousen on
page 17 of his book, The Cleansing of America. This quote suggests one possible
plague that will begin cleansing the Lord's house. In other words,
this plague may be one of several afflictions the Lord sends
upon those who profess to be worthy to enter the temples but have lied to
their bishops and stake presidents all along, and have gained entrance to the
temples without any intention of being worthy to enter.
> "A purple spot which appeared on the cheek, or on the back of the hand, and
which invariably enlarged until it spread over the entire surface of the body,
producing certain death...This plague in grown persons rotted the eyes in the
sockets and consumed the tongue as would a powerful acid."

The Missionaries will complete the last phase preaching in power, D&C 24:15, causing further divisions " LDS causing plagues " ............. Then they will be called home.

Mother of Abominations makes war with the Saints.
Once the word is rejected or accepted this will be the end of the time of the gentiles. The period I call the Arm of the Lord raised then begins.  This is the period in which the Lord will prepare to do his own work, and set things in motion to perform his own act.

The return of the lost 10 tribes (new 11/2022 based on Ezra’s eagle: was the Lamanites prior)  will be used to cleanse the wicked from the Americas. The preparation for the cleansing will begin and all the plagues mentioned in last days prophecy, worm wood earth quake famine etc., will commence. The righteous will escape the cleansing by following "a man like unto Moses "as they start a new wandering in the wilderness. They will return to the land of their inheritance both the New and the Old Jerusalem. A remnant believing in Christ will return and they will help build up the temples and prepare for the Second Coming.

The Cleansing Day of the Lord period:
The Arm of the Lord falls.  The cleansing period begins.
D&C 88: the earth shall tremble and reel to and fro and the moon shall be bathed in blood; "And after your testimony cometh wrath and indignation upon the people." Testimony of earthquakes, testimony of the voice of thunderings, and the voice of lightnings, and the voice of tempests, and the voice of the waves of the sea heaving themselves beyond their bounds men's hearts shall fail them; for fear shall come upon all people. voice, sounding the trump of God, saying: Prepare ye, prepare ye, O inhabitants of the earth;
This is the portion of the Second Coming that most know about. The Great and Terrible Day of the Lord. Great for those that are prepared, Terrible for those that are not. A quick review of the events follows:

There will be a great sign in heaven, and all people shall see it together:
The sun darkening and the moon turning blood red would be a great sign in heaven that all could see together however, what I point out here is the event of the "Sign of the Son of Man".  We know that this sign will be identified by the Prophet of the church at the time of the sign.  Joseph Smith Jr. made that point clear (See event section) and doing so also pointed out an interesting aspect of this that I will keep in mind as a possibility and that is the possible link to the precession of the earth.
Joseph Smith Jr. stated that the sing  "which will be as the light of the morning cometh out of the east". Now let's look at this with the understanding of the precession of the earth and patterns set for reading signs in the heavens. A sign "as the light of the morning coming out of the east" could be taken exactly as stated and mean that we need to look for the sign during day break (or just prior to, if looking at stars and planets) in the east.  Adding to this the set pattern of looking for these type of events during key seasons like the Vernal or Autumnal Equinox. (My guess would be to look during the Vernal/Spring Equinox).

Now the questions is what to look for.
If the sign is "seven golden lamps" as seen by President Woodruff then are they stars that already appear in the heavens but are yet to properly align with the equinox until the precession is right?  Or do they include planets that add to the precession to complete the sign as of yet not visible due to planetary alignment?  or is the sign primarily made up of comets/meteors destined to complete the final plagues on earth.  Joseph Smith did warn us that people would say "They will say it is a planet, a comet, etc." (See event section) thus leading some credibility to the opinion that the sign will be made up of such things.  One thing we do know is the Prophet will identify the sign when seen by all.
A trump both long and loud, and all nations shall hear it.

Unlike many of the other trumps identified this is one that will be heard by all nations of the earth.  The angel Moroni, with trump in hand, stands on many temples and represents the notification that the gospel has been restored and many of the lost truths have come forth with the recovery of the Book of Mormon however, This is an event that all shall hear and it will precede the burning of the Great and Abominable Church.  If this sound were to originate on earth anyone within miles of the source would die if it is to be heard all around the earth, so could this point to an extra terrestrial source?  Keeping in mind the sign and now the sound, I think we have the indication of a cataclysmic extra terrestrial cosmic event (Much like that identified by Anthony Larson).

Silence in heaven for the space of half an hour; and immediately after shall the curtain of heaven be unfolded, as a scroll is unfolded after it is rolled up, and the face of the Lord shall be unveiled;

Will the sound of the trump continue until this silent period? If the sound of the trump does continue the silence will be deafening and terrifying for the wicked that must surely know their time has come to an end and for the righteous a time of great expectation for what is to come next.

And the saints that are upon the earth, who are alive, shall be quickened and be caught up to meet him. They who have slept in their graves shall come forth, for their graves shall be opened;

After the saints are caught up to meet Christ the earth will be cleansed then Christ returns to reign for 1,000 years.

Review of the events list:

Let's now take a snapshot of the events list.  Since the events list is a work in progress, this section will also be a snapshot in time and reflect the list at one period in time and based on that time's current understanding.

Hear the words of the Book;
This is the first of the five events that have taken place.  This was a key event to the Prophets, especially those who provided the work that was to come forth, the Book of Mormon. This is a key indicator of a transition from one dispensation to another. The only note I would add to help clarify this event is that the sealed portion of the Book has yet to come forth (see 2 Nephi 27:6-9)  This event establishes the foundation for the restoration.  Of the five events that have taken place the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon and the gathering of Israel are the only two things that need special attention, the rest are not debated within the LDS community.

Having said that let's take a look at the fifth event, the commencement of the gathering of the House of Israel.  This is an event that has Gileadi bias applied.  Prior to my study of Gileadi's work, I hadn't looked that closely at the use of the term House of Israel.  I have purposely meant for this event to be limited to the converted Gentiles gathering in under the direction of the latter-day prophets during the time of the gentiles.  After reading Gileadi's work I find myself looking at any prophecy dealing with the House of Israel and asking; is this an event that happens during the time of the Gentiles or does it apply to the Great and Marvelous Work of the restoration of the House of Israel to its prominent role?  In my mind this event is the former not the latter.  The latter will happen after the Time of the gentiles is fulfilled.  It will be led by a servant figure holding the Keys for the gathering.  The first five events bring us to our current day.

What is next?  The current snapshot leaves me looking for events to repeat themselves starting with the events around the restoration.

Additional sacred writings are yet to come forth, sealed portion of the Book of Mormon revealed.

The Lord sealed the Book of Mormon so that He might "do mine own work".  Does this fact push this event into the polarization phase?  This event may need to be moved completely or slimmed down to fit in this sequence.  It is obvious to me that some of what is captured by the referenced scriptures will take place beyond this time frame (I.E. the records of the lost 10 tribes will follow their return).  For this snapshot I assume that this event will begin here and carry over into the polarization phase.  The question is which part of the prophecy will begin (if any) in this place.  Could it be the bringing forth of the sealed portion of the Book of Mormon?  Or could it be a restoration of the vision of the brother of Jared?

Gospel preached to all nations of the world.

This event will be marked closed by the completion of a work already in progress, the current missionary effort underway since the restoration began.  Once the Gospel is available to all in the world who would like to seek out the truth this event will be complete. I don't think this effort will include the active preaching of the Gospel to the House of Israel.  I see that as being part of the polarization phase, after the time of the Gentiles comes to a close.

Missionaries called home.
This event could be phase or all at once, regardless the sign will be clear, once all missionaries have been called home and no where is there to be found young LDS missionaries actively teaching the Gospel.  Again this event will be marked by the end of a work that has been ongoing since the restoration began.

Now let's pull the last three events together.  I think the bringing forth of additional revelation/scriptures/truth will provide the necessary emphasis needed to push the work into all nations.  This word will go forth into all the world one last time during the work of man to gather the wheat from the tares.  The LDS missionaries will go forth preaching in power building a reputation throughout the world.  The wicked of the world (led by the great and abominable church) will push back against the work and eventually cause the missionary work to end.  This will mark the end of the Dispensation of the Gentiles setting up the polarization phase when the Lord preaches His own sermon.

Time of the Gentiles fulfilled.
The time for the grafting back into the tame olive tree has come. The period dominated by the Gentile nations has come to a close.  The one event that will help in the identification of this event will be the active preaching of the Gospel to the House of Israel.  (Please review the events list for further comments on this topic).

The Servant figures. (Start of the polarization period or the Arm of the Lord raised period).

This will be a dramatic change as big as the word that the heavens had been open and a man talked with God was in the time of the restoration.  (See event section for details)

Arm of the Lord revealed. and out of zion will come a deliverer.
These events are tied to the servant figures.  I would mark this off the list, as being complete, once you see one of the servant figure roles executed..  One could rightfully argue that this has been completed with the work during the restoration however, I do believe this revelation in the scriptures is used most of the time to reflect the Great and Marvelous Work that is yet to come.  I placed this in this location for just that purpose, to track the events that have yet to come forth and will be linked directly to the work that will polarize the whole world.  The Isaiah verse opens up much debate,  especially juxtaposed against the D&C verse.  I suspect this is the main focal point the Jews where looking for that made them miss the first coming of Christ, coming in power to restore the House of Israel to prominence.

Mark of the beast.
This has been the topic of many books.  I see what the Saints have done up to this point will tie in greatly with this event.  I also see this event moving ahead much of the work that will follow.

The establishment of the government of Zion.
I see this coming in reaction to the establishment of the one world government that will facilitate the mark of the beast.  Once we reach the point that we can't buy sale or trade without being associated with that government, the Church will raise up this organization to provide an escape from the society. For more details see the events list.

Mother of abomination makes war with the Saints.
I see this as a reaction to the pull out of the Saints and others that want no part of the one world government.

Gathering of the wheat from among the tares.
We have been gathering the wheat from the tares since the time of the restoration however,  this time it will be the last time and will include the House of Israel.  This event is tightly tied with the next few events.

The remnant that believe in Christ as their Savior are gathered in. (The Great and Marvelous Work and Wonder).
This is the main theme of the gathering work and will be mainly focused on the House of Israel.

Return of the lost ten tribes.
At some time the lost ten tribes will join into the final gathering.

Lion of Jacob.
The gathering of the House of Israel) The return of the lost 10 tribes will be so powerful that it will be as a lion going through the sheep.  It will be an event that will draw world wide attention.  They will do so in great power.  This will be a cleansing act and start the formation of the cleansing phase to follow.

Lamanites shall blossom as a rose.
As part of the gathering the House of Israel (Including the lamanites) will return to a prominent role in the world.

New Jerusalem built up.
Flee unto Zion.
At this point the only place on the earth where freedom will be found will be with the Saints.

Old Jerusalem built up.
I think this will happen in parallel with the New Jerusalem but could happen some time after.  See events list for more about this topic.

Five cities speak the language if Canaan.
Just a gut feeling that this, when fully understood will be a key event in the list. I hope this will pan out later.  We will see.

In my mind this is the sign that the work of men has come to an end.  All of mankind are to return all keys they have been given to Adam and be held accountable for the work they have been asked to do.  The work of man is wrapped up and the keys returned to Christ.  Christ then starts His own work and does His own act.  The Lord then preaches His own sermon. Then the arm of the Lord falls in judgment prior to the final burning and end of this period of the earth.

7th seal events.
I will not  comment further on the 7th seal events beyond what I have in the events list at this time.


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