The following is my attempt to list other LDS timelines as I understand them.  To see the few other self defined timelines check out the Second coming links reference page for possible links.  It has been difficult to find timelines that include events from now to the second coming. There aren't many brave or naive enough to give it a try.

As far as I know my list is the most inclusive as far as latter-day prophecies go.  I tried to build a mosaic that includes all known validated events in the latter-days. The following are my understanding of subsets of timelines within the mainstream LDS community:

One prevalent belief is that most events that will precede the second coming of Christ have been fulfilled, with the exception of the battle of armageddon we won't see much of anything prior to Christ's return.

My understanding of Anthony Larson's view is similar in the sense that He looks at most of the latter-day prophecy as being symbolic of  celestial events and doesn't look for earthly applications of these events, only planetary and or meteor encounters, to include the Battle of Armageddon and associated events like the two prophets as being only "anthropomorphic projections " in the sky.

A third view that I am now just trying to fully understand is the Two-Phase latter-day restoration view:

The basic premise is that the Dispensation of the fullness of times will play out in two phases. Phase one, introduced to me as the foundation phase, was completed during the restoration period led by Joseph Smith. The second phase will be a latter-day event centered around the Great and Marvelous Work of the Lord. Some look for Joseph Smith (restored or resurrected) to also play the key role in this phase, maybe as the marred servant figure. Many Apostate groups follow this belief and some claim that the phase has already started with their groups breakaway efforts, like the Manti bunch, others,like Robert Smith, see the current brethren as having apostatized and there being a need for a new period led by a key servant figure.